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Applying for a rental with pets?

Agents say it’s often the difference between a landlord allowing a pet to move in and refusing them entry.⁠

Our top tips for the best pet resume

1. Providing independent references is the most important thing to include in a pet resume. Note from neighbours is also a good one to include or a letter from your current property manager. ⁠

2. Attaching a couple of photos is the best way to demonstrate a dog’s size and show that it’s unlikely to cause any property damage. Try to show photos that provide the dog is well behaved and a loved part of the family. Like a wedding photo with the dog or Christmas cards with your dog or cat. ⁠

3. Be as specific as possible about the breed, size, temperament, and daily routine of the pet. For example, if you take your pet to your mums when you go to work, include that in your application. ⁠

Good luck with writing your pet resume 👍
See a great example below:

P.s How cute is Carmelo's dog Bailey?