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Sell with Smell

Studies have shown that an attractive scent in your home plays a huge part in how people feel and is linked to the emotion-processing parts of our brains.⁠

The first sense engaged when you open the front door of a home is the smell. During an open house, a nice, subtle aroma can work wonders on potential homebuyers. ⁠

Our tips:

1. Stay away from artificial scents in candles as they can cause headaches and be potent in smell⁠

2. Try to incorporate the candles into your styling so it doesn't look like your covering up the smell in the home ⁠

3. Strong household cleaners are best used at least 24 hours before an inspection and open some windows to air your home after use⁠

4. Pick a scent that matches the home - for example, if you have a coastal home you would pick summery tones of coconut and frangipani, something oceanic and sophisticated, such as zesty citrus ⁠